Review: Monster Hunter Generations (X – Japan)

Editor’s Note: This review, originally published December 2015, is being re-featured as it just released in the West as Monster Hunter: Generations.  Monster Hunter X is the latest iteration of CAPCOM’s popular, long-running action series. The game was designed and marketed as a celebration of all things Monster Hunter, bringing together a range of monsters, areas,Continue reading “Review: Monster Hunter Generations (X – Japan)”

All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show later this month, CAPCOM has been teasing fans with short snippets of gameplay for the upcoming anticipated title Monster Hunter X. Each day for the past week has seen CAPCOM upload demos for two of the 14 weapons, with the final release taking place today. If youContinue reading “All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train”