Does Monster Hunter World Welcome New Players to the Series with Open Arms?

Monster Hunter World has released to a flood of positive reviews, and there’s a buzz surrounding this relatively niche series, the likes of which it’s never experienced before. Seeing as that’s the case, there’s bound to be an influx of players who want to see what all the fuss is about. So let’s answer this question,Continue reading “Does Monster Hunter World Welcome New Players to the Series with Open Arms?”

Monster Hunter: World Released at the Right Time

It’s not always easy to get into games with a steep learning curve, especially when they are built around deep systems, knowledge of previous games in the series, and painstaking commitment. A lot of gamers have curiosities about Monster Hunter games, but feel intimidated by their inaccessible nature. I am one of those people. I’veContinue reading “Monster Hunter: World Released at the Right Time”

Review: Monster Hunter Generations (X – Japan)

Editor’s Note: This review, originally published December 2015, is being re-featured as it just released in the West as Monster Hunter: Generations.  Monster Hunter X is the latest iteration of CAPCOM’s popular, long-running action series. The game was designed and marketed as a celebration of all things Monster Hunter, bringing together a range of monsters, areas,Continue reading “Review: Monster Hunter Generations (X – Japan)”

Monster Hunter Stories Gets Special Edition and Amiibo

Capcom’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Monster Hunter Stories is getting a special edition release, along with an exclusive Amiibo. The premium edition is packaged in a limited edition box which includes the game, a 24-page art book, a soundtrack, and a Kizuna Stone necklace. Capcom also has an exclusive Amiibo set to release alongside theContinue reading “Monster Hunter Stories Gets Special Edition and Amiibo”

The Hunt is on with Monster Hunter Generations

Three months after its launch in Japan, Monster Hunter X is finally set to make an appearance on Western shelves. Renamed to Monster Hunter Generations, the title received a new trailer in the recent Nintendo Direct. By bringing together a slew of familiar faces and locales, plus a range of new features and mechanics, MonsterContinue reading “The Hunt is on with Monster Hunter Generations”

Monster Hunter Cross Stream Reveals Demo, New Details

To celebrate the upcoming Monster Hunter Cross going gold, CAPCOM has held a special news stream for the much anticipated title. With the release only three weeks away, the biggest reveal of the stream was a playable demo, to be distributed via the Nintendo eShop on the 19th of November. This was accompanied by theContinue reading “Monster Hunter Cross Stream Reveals Demo, New Details”

The Hype Fallacy

With the Tokyo Game Show recently wrapping up, it has become clear to me just how important the concept of ‘hype’ or anticipation is to the gaming industry. We saw a wide variety of trailers and information paraded out in front of the media and consumers with the sole intention of drumming up some much-neededContinue reading “The Hype Fallacy”

CAPCOM Unveils New Monster Hunter X Trailer

Following up on their promise of more Monster Hunter X information at TGS, CAPCOM has released a new trailer highlighting a range of new and returning gameplay features. The biggest addition this time around is the option to play as a Palico, the feline companions that have been a mainstay of the series, this timeContinue reading “CAPCOM Unveils New Monster Hunter X Trailer”

All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show later this month, CAPCOM has been teasing fans with short snippets of gameplay for the upcoming anticipated title Monster Hunter X. Each day for the past week has seen CAPCOM upload demos for two of the 14 weapons, with the final release taking place today. If youContinue reading “All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train”