Severed Review (3DS)

Imagine if Legend of Grimrock took place inside an MGMT music video. That’s pretty much the visual style of Severed. The art style is similar in some ways to Drinkbox Studios’ last game, Guacamelee, which is still one of my favorite platformers of all time. Severed is colorful and very unique visually. Unfortunately, on the original 3DSContinue reading “Severed Review (3DS)”

Nintendo Switch Screen Details Revealed

According to Eurogamer, the Nintendo Switch’s screen will be 720p, 6.2 inches, and will have multi-touch capabilities. For comparison, the 3DS’ screen is 240p, and the Wii U gamepad screen is 480p. The Switch will be Nintendo’s first HD “handheld”. While it is a home console, it’s still a handheld as well. The Wii UContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Screen Details Revealed”

Nintendo’s Switch Can Learn From Past Consoles

Like most people, I think the Switch looks quite interesting and unlike any other console we’ve seen before. I’ve always wanted a handheld with an adjustable screen size, and this is pretty close. Nintendo has certainly had some hits and misses from their past three console cycles, but they did a lot right. I think if theyContinue reading “Nintendo’s Switch Can Learn From Past Consoles”

Nintendo Switch Confirmed to Support Unreal Engine 4

One of the most popular game engines, Unreal Engine, is going to be supported on the Nintendo Switch. Unreal’s official Twitter account confirmed this news recently. This should help the Switch receive more third party support. The Unreal Engines have been very successful and have been used by a wide variety of developers. Unreal EngineContinue reading “Nintendo Switch Confirmed to Support Unreal Engine 4”

Open Worlds Might Be Too Big

Open world is often perceived as a vast area that people can explore without the usual constraints games put on them. Without defined paths to go down, certain areas you have to go to, or predefined stages, it gives the player a lot more freedom. However, I think many games recently have gone too far with this freedom. IContinue reading “Open Worlds Might Be Too Big”

Gigapixel Gaming Takes a 50 Billion Pixel Screenshot

Gigapixel Gaming has taken a 50 billion pixel screenshot of The Witness. A few years ago, it would have held the world record for the largest picture ever. However, it’s the largest video game screenshot in the world right now, with the previous holder at 30 billion pixels. The screenshot is 367200×130560 pixels and would require 6,000 4K screens to displayContinue reading “Gigapixel Gaming Takes a 50 Billion Pixel Screenshot”

Feedback in Rhythm Games – Rhythm Heaven

I’ve played, listened to, and even composed music throughout my life, so I love music and music-based games. Rhythm games are like playing an instrument, but much easier. If you get immersed enough in a song, it feels like you’re a part of it. However, one of the frustrating things about rhythm games is their snowballinessContinue reading “Feedback in Rhythm Games – Rhythm Heaven”

Inversus Review

Inversus combines the look of Othello and the feel of Geometry Wars. You control a square that moves around an area filled with black and white tiles. It has a similar tile-flipping mechanic to Othello, and it has the same arcadey shooter feel with tight controls that Geometry Wars provides. The game has two modes, arcade and versus; I’llContinue reading “Inversus Review”

Kojima Not Involved in Metal Gear Survive

At Tokyo Game Show 2016, Hideo Kojima denied any involvement with the upcoming Metal Gear Survive. Kojima was showing off his upcoming game Death Stranding in a stage presentation to journalists and answering questions, and he denied that anything about Metal Gear Survive was his idea in any way, nor is he involved in the development of the game. WithContinue reading “Kojima Not Involved in Metal Gear Survive”

Loading Screens Should be More Dynamic

People love to be distracted. It’s a pretty big part of the reason why people play games in the first place – to distract ourselves from the world. It’s certainly not the only reason nor is it necessarily a bad reason, but people are naturally drawn to distraction. Doctors talk to you when they’re about toContinue reading “Loading Screens Should be More Dynamic”

Twitch Chat Defeated Chess Grandmaster

Twitch chat faced off against chess grandmaster Simon Williams last week and actually managed to pull off a win. Participants typed moves into Twitch chat, and whichever move was the most commonly input after a certain period of time would be the move Twitch’s side of the board used. Simon Williams did win the first two games, despiteContinue reading “Twitch Chat Defeated Chess Grandmaster”

Life is Strange: The Balance of Choices

Card games require close balancing to ensure that certain mechanics are not too strong or that a card doesn’t push every other card out because of its power level. Multiplayer shooters require that no weapon or item is too strong, that all classes are of roughly the same power level, and that players have someContinue reading “Life is Strange: The Balance of Choices”