Netflix’s The Witcher Has Found Its Geralt of Rivia

It was previously announced that Netflix is working on adapting the¬†bestselling fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. These novels would be adapted in the video game landscape as the critically acclaimed Witcher series. While details are brief, many people are questioning who will play Geralt of Rivia. Now we have that answer: Henry Cavill will portrayContinue reading “Netflix’s The Witcher Has Found Its Geralt of Rivia”

Season Two of Castlevania Releases This October

Adapting a video game series to a different medium has led to mixed results at best. One adaption that seemed to be successful was Castlevania. Castlevania debuted on Netflix last year and received positive reception. A second season seemed inevitable but now we know that Season two of Castlevania will premiere on October 26th. RaiseContinue reading “Season Two of Castlevania Releases This October”

Castlevania Review (Netflix)

Since the dawn of time, it seems adapting a video game series to the big screen has been an impossible task. Whether it being the critically panned Super Mario Bros. back in 1993 to the most recently released Assassin’s Creed, adapting video games to the big screen seems to be a task destined for failure.Continue reading “Castlevania Review (Netflix)”

Netflix to Implement Geoblocking

The video-streaming service Netflix has plans to prevent users from accessing content which is not available in their home country.¬†“In coming weeks, those using proxies and unblockers will only be able to access the service in the country where they currently are”, David Fullagar, Vice President of Content Delivery Architecture at Netflix said in aContinue reading “Netflix to Implement Geoblocking”