The Last of Us 2 in Brainstorming Phase

While nobody is quite willing to confirm its existence, The Last of Us 2 is the subject of heavy speculation. A sequel makes sense, given the immense critical and commercial success of its predecessor, but the team at Naughty Dog remain tight-lipped on the matter. Hints have been dropped by prominent voice actor Nolan North,Continue reading “The Last of Us 2 in Brainstorming Phase”

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Announced for October

EA has announced that the open beta window for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront will be kicking off very soon, between October 8 and 12. The beta will be available for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as well as via Origin for the PC community. The beta release includes three different game modes overContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Beta Announced for October”

Atlus Insists That You Dance All Night

In preparation for its September 29 release, Persona 4: Dancing All Night has received two short track previews, courtesy of publisher Atlus USA. The first video contains an exclusive remix by Shinichi Osawa of the original Persona 4 opening theme, “Pursuing My True Self.” The song is accompanied by a visually stunning video utilizing heavilyContinue reading “Atlus Insists That You Dance All Night”

Persona 5 Trailer Announces Delay

The upcoming PS3 and PS4 RPG Persona 5 received a new trailer highlighting its story and characters, as as well as a small production delay. Originally slated for Winter 2014, it was quickly pushed back to a broad 2015 window, and is now on target for a Summer 2016 release. While this may be discouragingContinue reading “Persona 5 Trailer Announces Delay”

TGS Trailer Roundup

There has been a big showing thus far at the Tokyo Game Show, so in the interest of efficiency, we’ve rounded up all of the trailers and big news in one place. In no particular order, here is the rundown: From Software has confirmed the release of Bloodborne DLC with The Old Hunters. The expansionContinue reading “TGS Trailer Roundup”

Masked Pikachu Ready to Throw Down

The arcade fighter Pokken Tournament is set to receive a new playable character in Masked Pikachu. Modeled after the unique appearance of Pikachu during Super Contests in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Masked Pikachu approaches the battlefield with the style and abilities of a wrestler. The short trailer highlights the fast-paced flair of Masked Pikachu inContinue reading “Masked Pikachu Ready to Throw Down”

Super Mario Maker Stage Confirmed for Smash

In a short trailer, Nintendo announced the release of a new playable Super Smash Bros. stage, this time modelled after Super Mario Maker. The stage features a randomly generated layout inspired by the free-form building tools in Super Mario Maker with the platforms and elements snapping into place at the start of each round. This is theContinue reading “Super Mario Maker Stage Confirmed for Smash”

Zygarde and Ash-Greninja Further Detailed

Following the CoroCoro leak last week, The Pokémon Company International has released official information regarding the mysterious legendary Pokémon, Zygarde. The official release confirms the rumours that Zygarde consists of an enormous number of cells, attaining more power when more cells congregate. It also cements Zygarde as the “guardian” of the XY trio, as RayquazaContinue reading “Zygarde and Ash-Greninja Further Detailed”

All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show later this month, CAPCOM has been teasing fans with short snippets of gameplay for the upcoming anticipated title Monster Hunter X. Each day for the past week has seen CAPCOM upload demos for two of the 14 weapons, with the final release taking place today. If youContinue reading “All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train”

Interim Patch Online for Batman: Arkham Knight

For those among you eagerly awaiting a patch for the much-maligned PC release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has some good news today. An interim patch has been released and is readily available for download through Steam, addressing many of the issues that plagued the release. The patch notes, available for yourContinue reading “Interim Patch Online for Batman: Arkham Knight”

Shaky Launch for Metal Gear Solid V

The release of the latest addition in the much-loved Metal Gear franchise has met a tepid response from the gaming community after some questionable missteps from Konami. The PC release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain shipped on a standard DVD-Rom, containing nothing but a 9mb installation binary, with the remainder of theContinue reading “Shaky Launch for Metal Gear Solid V”

Boeing Unveils New Anti-Drone Laser

If you are the kind of person who enjoys lasers, Boeing has some thoroughly exciting news for you. A newly developed laser cannon was unveiled at a test session in New Mexico this week, designed as an anti-drone measure. The Compact Laser Weapon System lacks the more flashy, science-fiction-esque characteristics that we all know andContinue reading “Boeing Unveils New Anti-Drone Laser”