Nvidia Unveils GeForce Now at CES 2017 Keynote Speech

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang took the stage at the Venetian for the CES 2017 Keynote, and formally announced the new GeForce Now – a feature that allows for players with lacking PCs or Macs to be able to play high-performance requirement PC games in the cloud. This on-demand feature, however, does not come cheaply. ForContinue reading “Nvidia Unveils GeForce Now at CES 2017 Keynote Speech”

New NVIDIA GTX Graphics Cards Announced

NVIDIA has announced their next generation of graphic cards, which are set to stand leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generations. The cards are based on the new Pascal architecture, which will deliver a major advantage in not only performance, but also power efficiency. Compared to the superseded 28-nanometer Maxwell architecture of the previousContinue reading “New NVIDIA GTX Graphics Cards Announced”