GPS Episode 25: Observer, Agents of Mayhem, Uncharted and More

Episode 25 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Professionals Show (GPS) is now live! Gamescom is happening right now in Germany and we’ve got some news from that to discuss. From this point forward in the year, it’s a pretty steady flow of game releases which will certainly keep us busy. In the news, SNESContinue reading “GPS Episode 25: Observer, Agents of Mayhem, Uncharted and More”

Observer Review (PlayStation 4)

The world has been nearly ruined by mankind’s attempt to better themselves through mechanical augmentation. After a war waged in name of the countless people killed during what was called a “Digital Plague”, violence, drug addiction, and social segregation define the new world. A new police force, called Observers (for which the game is named),Continue reading “Observer Review (PlayStation 4)”

Footage for Observer Revealed

Observer¬†is a new psychological horror game created by Bloober Team, the makers of the hit game¬†Layers of Fear. In Observer, you play as a member of a special policing force who dive into the memories of their subjects. It wasn’t announced who they target, but it possibly will be criminals or other unsavory members ofContinue reading “Footage for Observer Revealed”