Persona 5R and Persona 5S Finally Revealed by Atlus

After months of waiting and teasers that tease more teasers, Atlus finally revealed what exactly Persona 5R and Persona 5S will be. On April 24, Atlus released a Japanese trailer showing Persona 5 Royal, an updated deluxe version of the original hit JRPG. The very next day, they revealed that Persona 5S is in factContinue reading “Persona 5R and Persona 5S Finally Revealed by Atlus”

New Warriors All-Stars Trailer and Details Have Been Revealed

Since the reveal of Warriors All-Stars, people have been curious about what the game will do differently. It seems that the developers have taken this into account and have got to work implementing new systems within the core gameplay. This along with a new trailer tells us much more about the upcoming title.

Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Gameplay Videos

Omega Force’s ambitious take on one of the most popular anime shows of all time received several new trailers highlighting different aspects of the game. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom gives players all of the tools to hack-and-slash your way through a horde of titans, the show’s gigantic humanoid enemies that prey on humanityContinue reading “Attack on Titan Wings of Freedom Gameplay Videos”