Watch Dogs 2 Review (PS4)

After a game receives as much disapproval as the first Watch_Dogs did, most publishers scrap the idea of expanding the series. But not Ubisoft. Smitten with the idea of an open-world where everything is digitally connected, and eager to showcase the lives of hacktivists whose duty it is to keep the world from falling into theContinue reading “Watch Dogs 2 Review (PS4)”

Mafia III Should Have Been a Linear Game

Mafia III opens in a spectacular display of late 1960’s grit, violence, civil unrest, and a powerful soundtrack. The premise is one of the most mature and daring I’ve ever seen in a game. Lincoln Clay is an African-American man who returns from his service in the Vietnam War to the crime-soaked city of NewContinue reading “Mafia III Should Have Been a Linear Game”

Gamescom 2016: Ubisoft Unveils New Steep Trailer and Beta

Steep is coming! Ubisoft’s ambitious winter action sport open-world game is at Gamescom this year, and along with a new trailer and beta announcement, fans received a fair bit of new information about this upcoming sport thriller. Steep is a step up from the linear winter sports games of the past by dropping players rightContinue reading “Gamescom 2016: Ubisoft Unveils New Steep Trailer and Beta”

The Division — Most Disappointing Changes

When I first heard of The Division I was so excited for it I couldn’t contain myself. The same could be said of a few other Ubisoft games, but those didn’t turn out so well. I think we are hitting a similar situation with The Division so today I wanted to talk about everything thatContinue reading “The Division — Most Disappointing Changes”

Black Desert Online Name Registration Announced

Good news to all the eager MMO beavers! Black Desert Online has announced that name reservation will begin Tuesday 2/9/16 for everyone that has pre-purchased a copy of the game. That’s only four days away! Black Desert has been #1 on my wish list for a long time now so I, while I am againstContinue reading “Black Desert Online Name Registration Announced”

DayZ Forums Security Compromised

Not too long ago the DayZ forums had experienced a security breach which they announced via Twitter. They didn’t seem to consider it a very big deal beyond warning you to play it safe and change your password just in case. Apparently that changed because yesterday, as a member of of the DayZ forums, IContinue reading “DayZ Forums Security Compromised”

Open-World Fatigue in 2015

As the year of 2015 comes to a close I, like many others, am sitting on a stack of unplayed or unfinished games, wishing there was more time. Gamers have certainly been spoiled this year with the amount of quality games that are being released at a steady rate.  Not only are games being releasedContinue reading “Open-World Fatigue in 2015”