Blizzard Reveals More Overwatch Story Content is On the Way

When new Overwatch character Orisa was released onto the public test realm, they did so without an accompanying comic or short film. This caused many fans to believe Blizzard was moving away from fleshing out the game’s characters and stories through lore-based peripherals. The lack of added material was especially concerning since Overwatch‘s previously addedContinue reading “Blizzard Reveals More Overwatch Story Content is On the Way”

New Overwatch Hero Announced: Orisa

A new Overwatch hero was announced today. Meet Orisa, a quadruped robotic tank. Orisa is the sixth tank to be added to Overwatch, and the third new character to be added after the game’s launch last year. An animated short revealing her backstory was released alongside a developer update discussing her abilities. Orisa was created byContinue reading “New Overwatch Hero Announced: Orisa”