GPS Episode 46: Lost Sphear, Celeste, Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay

Episode 46 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! This week we are discussing Lost Sphear and Celeste, along with all the big news, which is finally starting to trickle out more consistently. While we have had a few weeks of slow news, we got a few significant items such as Red DeadContinue reading “GPS Episode 46: Lost Sphear, Celeste, Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay”

Paragon Will be Shut Down in April

Epic Games have had a very successful 2017 with Fortnite. Unfortunately, they have announced some sad news regarding to one of their products. On April 26th, all servers for the free-to-play MOBA Paragon will be shut down. In a recent blog post, the Paragon team noted their appreciation for all the suggestions and everything elseContinue reading “Paragon Will be Shut Down in April”

Epic Change For Epic Games

Change is in the air for Epic Games. Current and former members of the studio report that fans should expect more titles like Paragon and Fortnite, as opposed to expensive campaign driven games like Gears of War that made Epic Games famous. “The economics of those games forces developers to work with major publishers toContinue reading “Epic Change For Epic Games”