Here’s What We Learnt About PlayStation VR Games During Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony has really been pushing PlayStation VR recently, and its E3 conference is no exception to this. First off, the unique first person shooter, Superhot is coming to PlayStation VR. This game is perfect for VR and will be a nice addition to PlayStations library in general. A new game that was revealed for VRContinue reading “Here’s What We Learnt About PlayStation VR Games During Sony’s E3 Conference”

How Will Virtual Reality Mature in 2017?

In the year 2016; Virtual Reality was easily the biggest product to break out. It was met with a lot of hype, and some disappointment. One thing that we do know for certain, the jury is still out on the hardware. Some say it has already failed, others say it is too early to tellContinue reading “How Will Virtual Reality Mature in 2017?”

Majority of PlayStation VR Games Won’t Require Move

Earlier this week, Sony made an announcement to Eurogamer and The Verge, confirming that “Nearly all PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers”. This announcement was a clarification to released images, picturing the covers of some PSVR titles. Implemented in the cover art there are pictures of the VR headset, PlayStation Camera and the MoveContinue reading “Majority of PlayStation VR Games Won’t Require Move”

PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Go Live Tuesday

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, beginning at 7:00 a.m. PT on Tuesday March 22, pre-orders will go live for the “PlayStation VR Launch Bundle” at participating retailers. This bundle, exclusively available for pre-sale in limited quantities, will include the following: All contents of the PS VR core bundle: PS VR headset PSContinue reading “PlayStation VR Pre-Orders Go Live Tuesday”

Playstation VR Price And Release Date

In an announcement at the ongoing Game Developer Conference, Sony has announced the price and release date of the Playstation VR today. Sony’s take on the VR headset will be available in October this year, and will cost £349/€399/$399. This does not include the Playstation Camera which is required for head-tracking. The system also requiresContinue reading “Playstation VR Price And Release Date”

Pre-orders for Oculus Rift Open in Early 2016

Oculus VR’s highly anticipated virtual reality headset will be open for pre-order soon. Founder Palmer Luckey calls the headset on-track for its scheduled Q1 2016 launch; pre-orders are expected to go live in the coming weeks. In a follow-up, Luckey assures fans pre-orders won’t come without ample warning. The Oculus Rift began with a KickstarterContinue reading “Pre-orders for Oculus Rift Open in Early 2016”