Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 free with PS+ tomorrow

Sony just announced at their PlayStation E3 conference PlayStation exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 available to anyone who already owns Black Ops 3.  What if you don’t own Black Ops 3? Well Sony has you covered as they are adding Black Ops 3 to their selection of free PS+ games tomorrow! If you haveContinue reading “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 free with PS+ tomorrow”

PlayStation 5 Speculations – Hybrid, VR or another Black Box?

PlayStation 5 rumors are going rampant and it has gotten us all excited! There is nothing more fun than making some PS5 speculations and throwing around ideas about the upcoming system. We are here to share some of our theories and speculations. So, let’s discuss: will it be Hybrid, Virtual Reality, or another Black Box?Continue reading “PlayStation 5 Speculations – Hybrid, VR or another Black Box?”

Planet Alpha will be releasing on PlayStation in 2018

Adrian Lazar, Creative Director for Planet Alpha, revealed information about his upcoming game on the PlayStation Blog. Planet Alpha is about a wicked force harming the planet, but the character must help save the planet even though how to do so is unknown. Players will get to make many discoveries through their journey on the unexplored planet. Commonly,Continue reading “Planet Alpha will be releasing on PlayStation in 2018”

Three games confirmed to make an appearance at E3 2018

E3 2018 is still a few months away so it is not surprising that more games have not been confirmed yet. So far on the list we have The Last of Us Part II, Anthem, and the 2018 Battlefield game. EA has confirmed that the new Battlefield will be playable at EA Play 2018 fromContinue reading “Three games confirmed to make an appearance at E3 2018”

PlayStation Experience 2017 Streams on December 9th

PlayStation Experience 2017 is almost here, so prepare for a look into the past and news for the future. On December 8th, the opening presentation will share new updates and footage from the games announced during E3 and Paris Games Week. Each panel will have a section for interviews and previews. Saturday is filled with informationContinue reading “PlayStation Experience 2017 Streams on December 9th”

New God Of War Gameplay Trailer at Paris Games Week

Sony showed off flashy new footage today at their Paris Games Week event of the next entry into the God of War line of games. In the trailer we are introduced to new enemy types and some background information into one of the enemies. We are also given a small snippet of gameplay footage inContinue reading “New God Of War Gameplay Trailer at Paris Games Week”

Blast from the Past: Tomb Raider 2 (PlayStation)

For over twenty years, Lara Croft has been the female mascot for PlayStation. Her badass disposition and English accent made players swoon as she sought out ancient artifacts and trap-infested tombs. Thus the Tomb Raider franchise, developed by Core Design, has become a one-of-a-kind experience, and has led to such challenging adventures as Tomb Raider 2. ReleasedContinue reading “Blast from the Past: Tomb Raider 2 (PlayStation)”

Spiderman E3 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Sony unveiled a new Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay trailer at their E3 press conference. The 8-minute long video showcases the start of a mission where Spider-Man investigates the Demons as they move in on Fisk’s territory. From there it jumps straight into gameplay; demonstrating movement, stealth, and combat. Marvels Spider-Man isn’t set to release until 2018. However,Continue reading “Spiderman E3 Gameplay Trailer Revealed”

Monster Hunter World Announced

Today during their E3 2017 press conference Playstation announced Monster Hunter World for Playstation 4. Monster Hunter World looks like it will contain new monsters, new mechanics, massively updated graphics and a larger world. It looks like this game will be a great addition to the iconic Capcom series. Monster Hunter World will release earlyContinue reading “Monster Hunter World Announced”

Gold PS4 Slim Edition Apparently Confirmed, Out Next Week

After an alleged leak, it seems that the Playstation 4 Gold Edition has now been confirmed. This update comes by way of Twitter user Wario64, who obtained the Target and Best Buy weekly ads for June 11th, which showcase the limited run unannounced console. According to this ad, the console will be priced at $249.99Continue reading “Gold PS4 Slim Edition Apparently Confirmed, Out Next Week”

Blast from the Past – Contra: Legacy of War

There are video games that fill your heart with happiness and fulfillment. Notwithstanding, there are others that run raging black sludge through your veins. Contra: Legacy of War, released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn back in 1996, contorts bliss into hatred due to its unforgiving gameplay and horrific aiming controls – mirroring its predecessor, Contra: Hard Corps. Yet,Continue reading “Blast from the Past – Contra: Legacy of War”

PlayStation Now Will Expand to Include PS4 Games in 2017

On the heels of Microsoft’s announcement that their upcoming monthly subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, will include Xbox One titles as well as backwards-compatible ones, Sony has finally responded. The PlayStation Now streaming service will expand to include PlayStation 4 games later this year, in addition to the previous generation titles currently populating Now’s library.Continue reading “PlayStation Now Will Expand to Include PS4 Games in 2017”