How Pokken Invites Non-Arcade Fighters to the Party

I’ve been playing Pokken Tournament since its arcade testing days. From the very first time I played it, I knew that the game was unique, holding both features that make it familiar as an arcade fighting game, while introducing new ideas that simplify traditional mechanics in order to invite non-arcade players. While I’ve noticed that even a small skill gapContinue reading “How Pokken Invites Non-Arcade Fighters to the Party”

Wii U Sales up 151% in Japan

Pokkén Tournament is a fighting game that has recently released in Japan and it has had some very interesting effects on Wii U sales.  According to a report, the Wii U exclusive sold 72,502 units in its first week. After its release, the weekly figure of 3,836 sales of Wii U hardware in Japan shot up toContinue reading “Wii U Sales up 151% in Japan”

Pokkén Tournament Preview (Wii U)

I’m not new to the world of Pokken. I’ve played the game during not one, but two testing phases. I sunk a hefty amount of change into the game during its Japanese arcade launch and came back for new fighters, even if the game’s been unpopular out here. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Nintendo’sContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament Preview (Wii U)”

Pokkén Tournament Unveils Chandelure Gameplay

Pokkén Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U is making some big waves, and it’s clear that the Pokémon Company is going all out to publicize this. With the game coming out in a month’s time, and with Pokkén Tournament scheduled to make a big appearance at this year’s Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas later thisContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament Unveils Chandelure Gameplay”

EVO 2016 Reveals its Nine Main Competition Games

The Evolution Championship Series returns in 2016 and organizers of the event have revealed the nine games that will be featured in the main competition. The list includes two new additions and one returning game. The lineup was revealed on Tuesday’s special announcement Twitch stream. Details as to why they were chosen were discussed byContinue reading “EVO 2016 Reveals its Nine Main Competition Games”

Pokkén Tournament Given a North American Release Date

Nintendo has announced via a press release that Pokkén Tournament, the Pokémon brawler that hit arcades in Japan last July, will be released on March 18 of this year exclusively for the Wii U. Featuring sprawling action between Pokémon old and new, the game promises to bring over-the-top action never before seen in a Pokémon game. TheContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament Given a North American Release Date”

Sceptile Joins the Pokken Tournament

A new trailer released by Bandai Namco Entertainment has revealed Sceptile as the latest playable character in the upcoming Pokken Tournament. Sceptile takes the role of a fast and furious melee character, capable of rapid aerial strikes and swift motion on the ground. In a pinch, Sceptile can utilize Mega Evolution to amplify its agilityContinue reading “Sceptile Joins the Pokken Tournament”

More Light Shed on Shadow Mewtwo

In a previous article, we revealed the mysterious Shadow Mewtwo, a boss character for the arcade fighter, Pokken Tournament. At today’s Nintendo Direct stream, more light was shed on this unique figure. Shadow Mewtwo will be made playable in the console version of the game, with the assistance of an Amiibo card. This card willContinue reading “More Light Shed on Shadow Mewtwo”

Mewtwo Appears in Pokken Tournament

The Pokémon-themed arcade fighting game Pokken Tournament recently received an update mostly containing patches and balances, but there was some secret content buried deeply in the release. Players quickly found a boss encounter within the single-player component of the game: a unique form of popular series legendary Mewtwo. This is the first boss encounter discoveredContinue reading “Mewtwo Appears in Pokken Tournament”