Hands On with Need for Speed Payback

The Need for Speed games are ones that have become easier to skip out on during the last few years. For me, gameplay never had the charm that existed in the entries predating Carbon. Racing felt just ‘alright’, the story tried to hard to establish stakes that didn’t really matter, and cars haven’t looked nearlyContinue reading “Hands On with Need for Speed Payback”

We Need to Be Done with Video Game Previews

I thought Prey: Opening Hour was really bad. However, if you listened to GPS Ep. 10, you will hear me do nothing but praise the full game. Opening Hour is based on the first hour of the full game, which is, without a doubt, the absolute worst part of Prey. In fact, I will goContinue reading “We Need to Be Done with Video Game Previews”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – How Splinter Cell and The Last of Us Influence the 2017 Uncharted (Preview)

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a different affair from prior titles: protagonist Chloe is not a female Nathan Drake, nor is she your all guns blazing type of heroine, like Lara Croft. She is a hunter, a spy, and more of a rogue agent than an adventurer. The Lost Legacy is a true reboot ofContinue reading “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – How Splinter Cell and The Last of Us Influence the 2017 Uncharted (Preview)”

Dawn Of War III Gamescom Preview

We don’t know a whole lot about Dawn Of War III just yet, but we do know that this game is going to be drastically different from the past two titles in the series. The gamescom gameplay showcased the Blood Ravens chapter battling Eldar, with a surprise Wraith Knight appearance. Dawn Of War III willContinue reading “Dawn Of War III Gamescom Preview”

TW: Warhammer Beastmen Preview

It’s official, the Beastmen, scourge of the oldworld are coming to Total War: Warhammer on July 28. This strikes most of the Warhammer faithful by surprise for a variety of reasons, mostly being that the Beastmen weren’t considered a very popular race in the Warhammer Universe. Even Warhammer fans may not know much about them,Continue reading “TW: Warhammer Beastmen Preview”

Pokkén Tournament Preview (Wii U)

I’m not new to the world of Pokken. I’ve played the game during not one, but two testing phases. I sunk a hefty amount of change into the game during its Japanese arcade launch and came back for new fighters, even if the game’s been unpopular out here. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Nintendo’sContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament Preview (Wii U)”