The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Review (PC)

The Binding of Isaac is a popular rogue-like/rogue-lite indie game, and is probably the pinnacle of the modern iteration of the genre. The series has been extremely successful, with the original flash game being ported to Steam, and later gaining an expansion, Wrath of the Lamb. This was further expanded on with a remake of sorts, The BindingContinue reading “The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Review (PC)”

World of Final Fantasy Review (PS4)

With the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy, Square Enix is releasing World of Final Fantasy. The game very much appears to try and create an experience that will appeal to nearly every Final Fantasy fan, be it through game mechanics, character line-up, appearing monsters, or story. World of Final Fantasy does its absolute best to create a game that appeals to nearly every Final Fantasy fan,Continue reading “World of Final Fantasy Review (PS4)”

Battlerite Early Access Impressions

Bloodline Champions (BLC) was regarded as a brilliant free-to-play game, a PvP arena brawler with the game being driven purely by skill. The community then began to agree that the game had started to degrade in quality. Players attributed this to Funcom, who was involved in the game. As such, developer Stunlock Studios choice to separate themselvesContinue reading “Battlerite Early Access Impressions”

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review (PS4)

Deus Ex is a series with a long history, regarded as a great example of open, non-linear stealth level design, and interesting stories with a basis on conspiracies whilst maintaining a dystopia cyberpunk aesthetic. Every entry has been held in relatively high regards, and its lowest point, Invisible War is still a serviceable game, but just seems to paleContinue reading “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review (PS4)”

New Overwatch Map Revealed: Eichenwalde

Overwatch‘s first permanent, free map, Eichenwalde has been revealed at Gamescom 2016. This is among the first of the free maps that Blizzard will release during Overwatch‘s lifespan. Fans are on the edge of their seats for this new Overwatch map. Eichenwalde is a German village, where a key battle in the Omnic crisis occurred. Balderich von Alder,Continue reading “New Overwatch Map Revealed: Eichenwalde”

Why the (Alleged) NX Could be Great for Nintendo

Eurogamer has reported that the Nintendo NX will be a portable console, with detachable controller sections, and will also use cartridges rather than discs, as is the norm with Nintendo handhelds. This information, however, has come from unverified, anonymous sources, and therefore should not be considered as factual, until officially verified or announced by Nintendo. Effectively, this isContinue reading “Why the (Alleged) NX Could be Great for Nintendo”

Welcome to Gamer Professionals

Hello and welcome, everyone, to the Gamer Professionals network. What was a seed for an idea has finally become a flower, and here is the product of my dreams. Gamer Professionals, or Gamer Pros for short, is a network that brings discussion to you. Its target is to attract discussion from video gamers, but notContinue reading “Welcome to Gamer Professionals”