Playstation Classic Games Lineup Revealed

Playstation has announced they will be releasing a Playstation Classic (PS1), which comes with 20 games pre-loaded on it, ranging from classics to some lesser known titles. There was some speculation as to which games would be arriving with this “new” console, but speculate no more because Playstation has officially revealed the full lineup ofContinue reading “Playstation Classic Games Lineup Revealed”

Blast from the Past: Dino Crisis Review

Once upon a time back in 1999, Capcom released a survival horror game titled Dino Crisis. I was maybe thirteen years old when I first dived into its demo. It blew my mind. Now I know what you’re thinking — I was far too young to be blowing dinosaurs to smithereens, but I turned out okayContinue reading “Blast from the Past: Dino Crisis Review”