How Money Is Destroying Our Video Gaming Experience

I was hugely excited to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Having been a massive fan of the franchise since its inception, I had expected the initial entry in the series reboot: Human Revolution, to let me down. Despite some of the video game’s flaws, it captured the essence of what a Deus Ex game was; the music, the story, the gravelly voicedContinue reading “How Money Is Destroying Our Video Gaming Experience”

Sony Confirms the PS4 Slim

The first announcement flowing out of the Sony Playstation Event is the confirmation of the PS4 Slim. Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced the Slim model, priced at $299, is a more compact version of the PS4, with the same hardware present internally. The PS4 Slim will arrive in stores September 15, mostContinue reading “Sony Confirms the PS4 Slim”

PlayStation 4 Slim Is Looking Less Like a Hoax

The time-hollowed tradition of a compacted PlayStation gaming console may be upon us. Having been originally seen on the German bidding website Gumtree (where the original link to the selling page of the PS4 Slim has been removed), the supposed new PlayStation model is considerably smaller when compared side-by-side to the original PlayStation 4. TheContinue reading “PlayStation 4 Slim Is Looking Less Like a Hoax”