‘Tis the Season to Let It Die

GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture announced yesterday that its free-to-play hack-and-slash survival action game, Let it Die, is bringing good tidings to players this holiday by making in-game items available for purchase in all regions on the PlayStation Store. The game is now digitally available only on PlayStation 4 in North America andContinue reading “‘Tis the Season to Let It Die”

Microsoft Invites Sony to Unite PSN with Xbox Live, Sony is Unsure

On Monday, Microsoft announced that they will natively support cross-platform play between Xbox One, Windows 10 and any other online gaming networks. This, of course, includes Playstation Network. This could potentially put an end to “console wars” and solve the segregation problem between the two online multiplayer network juggernauts. Sony responded a day later toContinue reading “Microsoft Invites Sony to Unite PSN with Xbox Live, Sony is Unsure”

PSN Survey Hints at Future Features

In an effort to gauge interest in specific developments, Sony has rolled out an invitation-only survey to a select group of PlayStation Network members. The primary purpose of the survey was to ascertain the most important features the PSN had on offer. In addition to a blank suggestion box, a list of significant features wasContinue reading “PSN Survey Hints at Future Features”