Rocket League Set for Holiday 2017 Release on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced Rocket League on the Switch at their E3 direct this year. It features exclusive cars, arenas, and cross-play. The Switch version will also come jam-packed with all prior Rocket League combat. Customizable items such as Mario and Luigi hats will also be available on the Switch version. Rocket League has been rumored to be coming out for Switch,Continue reading “Rocket League Set for Holiday 2017 Release on Nintendo Switch”

New Rocket League Update v1.34 Announced

Psyonix have just announced a new update for their high adrenaline balls-to-the-wall (literally) vehicular kickabout game Rocket League. The update, creatively titled “v1.34”, will come to fans on May 10 at 3pm PDT. That’s 6pm EDT, 12am CEDT on May 11 if you’re in Europe, and 9am AEST if you’re in Oceania. The Rocket League update adds ‘NeoContinue reading “New Rocket League Update v1.34 Announced”

Jinx and Psyonix Launch Rocket League Apparel

Jinx Inc. (stylized J!NX) and independent video game developer and publisher Psyonix have released a new line of licensed apparel today. It is based on the wildly-popular indie game Rocket League. “Rocket League is a huge favorite for the team here at J!NX – we’ve even held our own company-wide 2v2 tournament just for bragging rights.Continue reading “Jinx and Psyonix Launch Rocket League Apparel”

Rocket League Conquers the Bottom of the Ocean

Rocket League is getting a new free update this October, according to the official website. “Inspired by the seven seas, the creatures beneath the waves, and the machines we use to study both, AquaDome is the first standard Arena we’ve released since Utopia Coliseum. Expect to see AquaDome on every Rocket League playlist, including Competitive, whenContinue reading “Rocket League Conquers the Bottom of the Ocean”

Rocket League Adds Cross-Platform Play For PC and Xbox One

Earlier this year the developers of Rocket League, Psyonix, announced they would bring cross-platform capabilities for the Xbox One and PC. They have now released a patch to add this feature to these platforms. The developers listened to the community when they asked for this feature as originally PS4 and PC players already had thisContinue reading “Rocket League Adds Cross-Platform Play For PC and Xbox One”

Rocket League to Add Batmobile in March

The hugely successful Rocket League continues its frequent DLC updates with the new playable Batmobile in March. The trailer gives us a taste of the Batmobile from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film in action. The new download pack will also include three new antenna flags for Batman, Superman, and Wonder WomanContinue reading “Rocket League to Add Batmobile in March”