Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle E3 Reveal

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleĀ is the newest collaborative effort between Nintendo and Ubisoft. The game was announced before E3, but the Ubisoft press conference shared plenty of new details. The central plot is that Rabbids teleported into the Mushroom Kingdom, destabilizing the region and causing massive amounts of chaos. The Mario team and their RabbidsContinue reading “Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle E3 Reveal”

Artwork Leaks for Rumored Mario and Rabbids RPG

Rumors have been circulating regarding a Super Mario and Rabbids crossover RPG for the past month. The game has not yet been confirmed by Nintendo or Ubisoft, but a leaked image online gives us the first peak as to what the game will look like. The image features Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi each firingContinue reading “Artwork Leaks for Rumored Mario and Rabbids RPG”