Dragon Quest’s Hero Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nearly two months after Nintendo revealed the Hero from the Dragon Quest series would be joining the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster at E3 2019, he has finally joined the fight. On Tuesday, July 30, Nintendo revealed that the heavily rumored fighter would be joining the battle by the end of the day when MasahiroContinue reading “Dragon Quest’s Hero Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Solitary Sailing and Isolation in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves isn’t a great game, or even one that I plan on playing for much longer, but I have absolutely loved my time with it over the past few days. It’s an experience built with companionship in mind, largely based around the concept of four friends voyaging together on a massive galleon ship.Continue reading “Solitary Sailing and Isolation in Sea of Thieves”

GPS Episode 54: A Way Out, Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves

GPS is available on all podcast services including Stitcher, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, and all RSS feed. Episode 54 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! There isn’t a ton of news this week, so we take the opportunity to dive deep on the games we have been playing including SeaContinue reading “GPS Episode 54: A Way Out, Far Cry 5, Sea of Thieves”

Sea of Thieves, is it Worth a Buy?

Sea of Thieves is the newest addition to Xbox One’s rather small library of exclusives. This sandbox pirate adventure shows potential of the once great Rare studio, but also highlights the biggest problems of the gaming industry. Simple and accessible, Sea of Thieves is a fun experience, but sadly it is much more wide thanContinue reading “Sea of Thieves, is it Worth a Buy?”

Yooka-Laylee Review (Xbox One)

Yooka-Laylee is certainly soaking in nostalgia from its spiritual predecessor, Banjo Kazooie. With that being said, it should be noted that Yooka has been created essentially as a direct sequel to the beloved N64 games, except that the team wasn’t able to get the license from Rare. It has everything that fans of Banjo couldContinue reading “Yooka-Laylee Review (Xbox One)”

Sea of Thieves Trailer and Gameplay Revealed

During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Rare showcased Sea of Thieves, their next ambitious title. In this long awaited game, players take on the role of a crew of pirates, and must survive the high seas. In both a trailer and gameplay segment, we were treated to what awaits players on the high seas. Players will beContinue reading “Sea of Thieves Trailer and Gameplay Revealed”

Most Anticipated Games of 2016, Part Five: Sea of Thieves

Some of my fondest video game memories are playing Rareware games. I spent a lot of time playing Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct on the first consoles I ever owned, the Super Nintendo and Game Boy systems. Once I moved onto Nintendo 64, I dove head first into gaming and never looked back. IContinue reading “Most Anticipated Games of 2016, Part Five: Sea of Thieves”

Killer Instinct Season 3 Teased

Fans of Rare’s Killer Instinct received a neat little surprise in the form of a brief teaser trailer. At the currently-running KI World Cup, the teaser trailer for the upcoming Season 3 content update was unveiled. The trailer was dedicated to the reveal of Halo’s Arbiter as an upcoming playable character, though no further detailsContinue reading “Killer Instinct Season 3 Teased”