Free 30 Minute Trial of ReCore

Microsoft users are being treated to the first 30 minutes of newly released, ReCore, free of charge. Senior editor of the game, Joseph Staten, announced today on Xbox News that any Xbox One or Windows 10 user will have access to the free trial, found here. ReCore was released for Xbox One and Windows 10Continue reading “Free 30 Minute Trial of ReCore”

ReCore Review (Xbox One)

ReCore is a charming action platformer by a studio made up of well-established developers. Armature consists of folks who had worked on Metroid Prime as well as Keiji Inafune, who is known for his extensive work on the Mega Man series. Their DNA is certainly all over this game, but it lacks the level ofContinue reading “ReCore Review (Xbox One)”

Microsoft Reveal: Lots of Robots with ReCore

ReCore, developed by Comcept¬†and Armature Studio¬†is prepared to release this September 18th! With plenty of robots, puzzles, and lots of combat, we were shown a young woman traveling through the desert and valleys. Passing through different puzzles for your robots to solve, and different robots serving different functions. You’ll fight other robots in your attemptsContinue reading “Microsoft Reveal: Lots of Robots with ReCore”