Apex Legends Severely Punishes Cheaters

  Many of us have dealt with cheaters in our time and Respawn, like us, has had enough of it. According to a Reddit thread, Apex Legends cheaters have been hit with permanent hardware bans. Dropping the Hardware Ban Hammer This is more than your run-of-the-mill account suspension. If someone is caught cheating, both theirContinue reading “Apex Legends Severely Punishes Cheaters”

No Man’s Sky Leaked Two Weeks Early

Someone paid about $1300 for an early copy of No Man’s Sky on eBay. He live streamed the game for his first several hours of playing, and has actually already made it to the center of the universe. However, he stopped live streaming it and became much more careful about spoiling the game after SeanContinue reading “No Man’s Sky Leaked Two Weeks Early”

Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit

Information about Titanfall 2 has allegedly been leaked, thanks to Reddit user “ilovegoogleglass.” The Reddit post was quickly deleted by moderators, but posters from NeoGAF managed to save the text beforehand. Citing an unknown source, ilovegoogleglass claimed that Respawn Entertainment’s sequel will add many new gameplay mechanics. A key addition is a grappling hook, which canContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit”