Apex Legends Launches Battle Pass and New Character Octane Tomorrow

  Apex Legends, the newest contender in the Battle Royale scene, is launching its first seasonal Battle Pass and first new character, Octane, March 19th.   The Wild Frontier Pass The Wild Frontier Pass will be available for 950 Apex Coins ($9.50). The pass will unlock three character skins for Lifeline, Wraith, and Mirage immediately.Continue reading “Apex Legends Launches Battle Pass and New Character Octane Tomorrow”

Apex Legends Reaches New Heights in Three Days

  Vince Zampella, CEO of Respawn Entertainment, recently revealed (in a press release on Electronic Arts’ official website) that Apex Legends has reached 10 million players in just 72 hours. That was done with a player base estimated at one million concurrent players. In the press release, Vince stated that they knew it would be aContinue reading “Apex Legends Reaches New Heights in Three Days”

Respawn’s New Game Could Be The Apex Predator of Battle Royale

  Respawn Entertainment’s newly released Apex Legends has those familiar gameplay elements that you would expect when playing a Battle Royale game, but the developer has switched things up, making Apex Legends something unique. I’m going to be discussing what makes Apex Legends different from other games in the Battle Royale genre. As with any Battle RoyaleContinue reading “Respawn’s New Game Could Be The Apex Predator of Battle Royale”

EA Buys Respawn Entertainment and Confirms New Titanfall

With a move that nobody saw coming, EA announced that they had bought Respawn Entertainment on Nov. 9th for a whopping $455 million. EA paid the studio $151 million up front with the rest of the agreement being that another $164 million would be paid out over a span of four years in “long termContinue reading “EA Buys Respawn Entertainment and Confirms New Titanfall”

Titanfall 2 Tech Test Afterthoughts

I played a lot of the first Titanfall. It was a breath of fresh air in a realm where Call of Duty was king; it was especially sweet knowing that its developer, Respawn Entertainment, was founded in the aftermath of some messy dismissals from Infinity Ward. When it was announced that Respawn were rolling out aContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Tech Test Afterthoughts”

Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit

Information about Titanfall 2 has allegedly been leaked, thanks to Reddit user “ilovegoogleglass.” The Reddit post was quickly deleted by moderators, but posters from NeoGAF managed to save the text beforehand. Citing an unknown source, ilovegoogleglass claimed that Respawn Entertainment’s sequel will add many new gameplay mechanics. A key addition is a grappling hook, which canContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Information Leaked on Reddit”

New Star Wars Game On The Way

Star Wars Day (May 4) has brought some amazing news. Patrick Soderlund, an executive of EA Studios, announced that they are working with the developers of Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment, on a third person, action-adventure Star Wars game. Respawn was founded by Call of Duty veterans Vince Zampella and Jason West and is the first external studioContinue reading “New Star Wars Game On The Way”

Titanfall 2 Teaser, Announcement Details

Respawn Entertainment, developer of Titanfall and founded by Infinity Ward alums, has released a new trailer for Titanfall 2. The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much — there’s a crashed drop-pod, a titan’s leg, and a mech sword — but promises a worldwide announcement on June 12. In case you’ve forgotten, publisher EA has decided to eschew a majorContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Teaser, Announcement Details”

Titanfall 2 Will Feature a Single Player Campaign

The sequel to Respawn Entertainment‘s online first-person shooter Titanfall will feature a single player campaign. This will be a relief to many players who felt that the first game would have greatly benefited from some single player aspect. Lead writer Jesse Stern told Forbes that Titanfall 2 will take place in a “grounded, dirty, andContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Will Feature a Single Player Campaign”