Persona 5R and Persona 5S Finally Revealed by Atlus

After months of waiting and teasers that tease more teasers, Atlus finally revealed what exactly Persona 5R and Persona 5S will be. On April 24, Atlus released a Japanese trailer showing Persona 5 Royal, an updated deluxe version of the original hit JRPG. The very next day, they revealed that Persona 5S is in factContinue reading “Persona 5R and Persona 5S Finally Revealed by Atlus”

Vampyr Gets a Release Date and Killer New Trailer

Vampyr, DONTNOD Entertainment’s upcoming RPG set amidst a vampire conflict in 1918 London, has released a new trailer that gives us a glimpse into the game’s exciting world. Focusing on Dr. Jonathan Reid, a freshly-turned vampire, as he is beginning to discover the existence of the supernatural side of the world. Driven to discover whoContinue reading “Vampyr Gets a Release Date and Killer New Trailer”

Blast from the Past – Star Wars: KOTOR (Xbox 360)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the first Star Wars role-playing video game titled Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic showered players with character choice, a riveting story, and a shocking plot twist. Developed by BioWare, KOTOR follows the journey of a combatant who abruptly awakens on the Endar SpireContinue reading “Blast from the Past – Star Wars: KOTOR (Xbox 360)”

Headlander Review (PS4)

Double Fine Productions and Adult Swim released Headlander, a Metroidvania-style game, on July 26 for PC and PS4. Double Fine Productions developed Headlander with Lee Petty overseeing the project, while Adult Swim published this title. This comedic game brings the player to a futuristic world, one in which humanity opted to upload their consciousness into aContinue reading “Headlander Review (PS4)”

Why RPGs Are the Stars of the Video Game Industry

In the video game industry, there are dozens of genres that categorize what kind of experience a player can expect from a game. The selection ranges from countless sports games to the exciting action-adventure setting, and we as gamers develop preferences by exploring various titles and recognizing what grabs our attention. Presently, most of usContinue reading “Why RPGs Are the Stars of the Video Game Industry”

Valkyria: Azure Revolution to Undergo Redesign Following Fan Feedback

It’s been a few months since Valkyria Chronicles Remastered landed in Japan, where it was packaged with a playable demo of the upcoming Valkyria: Azure Revolution. The demo was met with mixed reception, with the revised battle system bearing a range of negative feedback. Director Takeshi Ozawa has since stated that this feedback will formContinue reading “Valkyria: Azure Revolution to Undergo Redesign Following Fan Feedback”

Peering Into The Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a hand drawn, dungeon-crawling rpg with a dark and unforgiving world. With a unique stress management system this gothic styled rpg will give you feelings of despair you haven’t felt since D&D in middle school. Choosing four heroes from a roster of adventurers you lead them on perilous side scrolling delves, bothContinue reading “Peering Into The Darkest Dungeon”

Banner Saga 2 Coming April 19

The awaited second portion of the Banner Saga trilogy is finally at our door step. Stunning hand drawn animation coupled with a tactics style combat invoke strong reminders of classics such as Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. While any one who played the first game can tell you this much, here are some of the changesContinue reading “Banner Saga 2 Coming April 19”

Each Episode of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a Full-Size Game

The episodic release structure of the Final Fantasy VII remake has been the subject of some controversy, but Square Enix have offered some clarification. Rather than featuring a series of smaller episodes, it will be made up of multiple full-sized games. This means that each episode will likely be worth its price tag. The latestContinue reading “Each Episode of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a Full-Size Game”

How Pokken Invites Non-Arcade Fighters to the Party

I’ve been playing Pokken Tournament since its arcade testing days. From the very first time I played it, I knew that the game was unique, holding both features that make it familiar as an arcade fighting game, while introducing new ideas that simplify traditional mechanics in order to invite non-arcade players. While I’ve noticed that even a small skill gapContinue reading “How Pokken Invites Non-Arcade Fighters to the Party”

Black Desert Online Review (PC)

Black Desert Online has taken the MMO market by storm. This sandbox MMORPG has revived the gaming dreams of many, and left others confused on what the hype is all about. The Black Desert release was a mixed basket of folks getting exactly what they wanted and others realizing their expectations were entirely wrong. There areContinue reading “Black Desert Online Review (PC)”