Consumer Gear VR Device Ships 11/20

Oculus and Samsung’s new virtual reality device, the Gear, has recently announce a set of dates. The preorder begins today with a ship date of 11/20. It’s the first launch opportunity for consumers to obtain; the previous sets have been developers-only units. The Gear VR is a chance to be able to allow consumers toContinue reading “Consumer Gear VR Device Ships 11/20”

Wearable Devices Powered By Flexible Batteries

As wearable devices become more commonplace, batteries which are able to power them are required. The InterBattery 2015 Exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea, is a trade show for the global battery industry. This year Samsung and LG showcased prototypes for flexible batteries to power future wearable devices. Samsung showcased two variants of “band-shaped” batteries dubbed “Stripe” and “Band”.Continue reading “Wearable Devices Powered By Flexible Batteries”

Samsung Test Drive Program Already At Capacity

Samsung announced and implemented a program earlier today called the Test Drive, which would allow people to try out a new Samsung phone, which includes Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and the Note 5. The phones would be able to operate on any carrier, and could be tested for 30 days, and was a means toContinue reading “Samsung Test Drive Program Already At Capacity”