Black Desert Blader and Plum Patch Released

The latest patch notes have come out for Black Desert and have shown that the Blader and Plum classes have finally been released. If you have maxed out your current character slots, you have nothing to worry about because the total character slot limit per sever is being raised from 9 to 10 and everyoneContinue reading “Black Desert Blader and Plum Patch Released”

Black Desert Online Review (PC)

Black Desert Online has taken the MMO market by storm. This sandbox MMORPG has revived the gaming dreams of many, and left others confused on what the hype is all about. The Black Desert release was a mixed basket of folks getting exactly what they wanted and others realizing their expectations were entirely wrong. There areContinue reading “Black Desert Online Review (PC)”

Black Desert Is A Western Success

Black Desert is the most unique MMO to hit the west in a long time. It is such a massive game that goes about the MMO genre so much differently that your day one impression will likely not be one that accurately represents the experience you can have with the game. The game on dayContinue reading “Black Desert Is A Western Success”

Black Desert Online Closed Beta Test 2 Launches

Black Desert Online has begun its closed beta test 2 (CBT2) as of today! Not too long ago this was announced along with the release date of the game. If you are one of the lucky ones that got access to CBT2 then today is your day to shine. The test will last for 4 daysContinue reading “Black Desert Online Closed Beta Test 2 Launches”

Black Desert Online Name Registration Announced

Good news to all the eager MMO beavers! Black Desert Online has announced that name reservation will begin Tuesday 2/9/16 for everyone that has pre-purchased a copy of the game. That’s only four days away! Black Desert has been #1 on my wish list for a long time now so I, while I am againstContinue reading “Black Desert Online Name Registration Announced”

GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest

I warned you this would happen, but hopefully you’re prepared! GamerPros is hosting a small Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer contest. While most people are just playing to please the animals, others have realized that the ease with which animals accept your designs leaves players an opportunity to design homes in unconventional manners, if they chooseContinue reading “GamerPros’ Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Contest”

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review

It may seem like I’m a little late to the party, but having played the game since the Japanese release with probably close to 100 hours under my belt, experience with the amiibo cards, and a critical eye towards the game’s biggest cash sink, you may want to consider this a slightly more informed review comparedContinue reading “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review”