E-Sports Competition Coming to Zula

IDC/Games & Turtle Entertainment, founder and organizer of the ESL, announced today that Zula Europe will be added to┬áthe list of games in the ESL. Contests will take the classic ESL format, like OPEN & Go4 and a Ladder 5v5, and have weekly & monthly format, with to-be-announced prizes. The first competition will come theContinue reading “E-Sports Competition Coming to Zula”

Conan Exiles is now available in Early Access

By Crom! It is time to drink, slay, and be content in the first ever open-world survival sandbox game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Conan Exiles, developed and published by Funcom, entered into Early Access on PC and gamers everywhere can now test their mettle in the vast universe of theContinue reading “Conan Exiles is now available in Early Access”