Eugen Announces Steel Division: Normandy 44

In a surprise announcement, Eugen Systems has revealed their new IP — Steel Division: Normandy 44. Eugen has previously developed the Wargame series as well as Act of Aggression. It’s exciting to see Eugen and Paradox working together for this historical RTS. The announcement page describes Steel Division as a large scale RTS with over 400Continue reading “Eugen Announces Steel Division: Normandy 44”

Interview with Dr. Levi: the eSports Physician

Dr. Levi is a hand, wrist and shoulder surgeon in Glendale, California. He is the only doctor in the world that works alongside eSports teams and coaches. Dr. Levi answers video game related health questions on his social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter). He also takes questions live on his Twitch once a week. You can also check outContinue reading “Interview with Dr. Levi: the eSports Physician”

Transport Fever Review

While fighting a losing war in a conflict that destroyed much of Italy, Mussolini was proud of the fact that his trains still ran on time. Now, you might be thinking: “There’s really no academic proof that Mussolini said that”, or “Why did you open your review for a transport management game with a quoteContinue reading “Transport Fever Review”

Review: Stellaris’ Leviathans DLC

After five months of release and numerous free content updates, Stellaris has released its first non-cosmetic DLC: Leviathans. This new ‘story pack’ adds a variety of features to Stellaris’ mid/late game and can be purchased on Steam or from Paradox’s website for $10 USD. The biggest new addition comes in the form of the Leviathans. These massive,Continue reading “Review: Stellaris’ Leviathans DLC”

Halo 5 Forge Coming to PC Next Month

Back in May, 343 announced that Halo 5‘s map maker was going to be available on PC by fall. The news was huge, and it preceded the announcement that Xbox will be bringing most of its new titles to PC through its “Play Anywhere” campaign. Today, 343 unveiled the release date for this update; theContinue reading “Halo 5 Forge Coming to PC Next Month”

Stellaris Receives Major Update, “Asimov”

With the appropriately titled “Asimov” update, Paradox has added a variety of free features to their sci-fi epic, Stellaris. Asimov focuses on improving Stellaris‘ mid-game, which was heavily criticized in the original reviews. Diplomatic events will spice up (or spice down) relationships between you and fellow space faring civilizations. In another major gameplay tweak, foreign borderContinue reading “Stellaris Receives Major Update, “Asimov””

Halo Wars 2 Open Beta Available Now

Microsoft has revealed more information about Halo Wars 2 during its E3 conference. In Halo Wars 2, the crew of the Spirit of Fire find themselves on the Ark, and must face off against a new Brute foe. In another surprising announcement, Microsoft has also announced that the Halo Wars 2 beta is available now,Continue reading “Halo Wars 2 Open Beta Available Now”

Bethesda Announces Quake Champions

Bethesda has announced a brand new Quake game at their E3 showcase. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the trailer here. The developers have stated that this newest iteration will focus on classic Quake gameplay while simultaneously bringing it up to modern graphics standards. High performance limits and an uncapped FPS wereContinue reading “Bethesda Announces Quake Champions”

Hearts of Iron 4 Review (PC)

As a both a World War II history specialist and a grand strategy enthusiast, the Hearts of Iron franchise has always been important to me. Few other games can capture the sweeping complexity of the war in its entirety. However, I always found it difficult (if not impossible) to convince my friends to play itContinue reading “Hearts of Iron 4 Review (PC)”

Overwatch: Guide to Playing Genji Right

Genji is one of the most interesting characters in Overwatch. His low health and slow projectile speed make him an off-putting choice for new players. However, with some practice and knowledge of Genji’s abilities, he can quickly become the most satisfying character choice in the entire roster. This guide will cover everything from Genji’s abilitiesContinue reading “Overwatch: Guide to Playing Genji Right”

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Trailer Showcases Bolivia

Announced last year at E3, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is the latest game in the Ghost Recon Franchise. In this installment, players are tasked with taking down a powerful cartel in the South American country of Bolivia. Ghost Recon games have focused heavily on cooperation and stealth, and Wildands is no exception. However, unlike previous installmentsContinue reading “Ghost Recon: Wildlands Trailer Showcases Bolivia”