Shenmue HD Remaster Announced – Coming to Xbox, PC and PS4

The biggest dream of every DreamCast fan has come true. A Shenmue HD remaster of the first two games has been announced. These classics, renowned for their open-world gameplay, variety of options, and (for the time) incredible attention to detail will be arriving on current-gen consoles this year (excluding the Switch). We have heard rumours about possible remaster beforeContinue reading “Shenmue HD Remaster Announced – Coming to Xbox, PC and PS4”

The Sheep Mindset and Gaming Conventions

Thanks for stopping by – today I’ll be discussing the idea of video gaming conventions. Are gaming conventions considered overrated in this day and age, considering that a lot of these events could be live streamed on a television or computer screen? Are these events and the resulting hype solely driven by sheep-minded individuals? SideContinue reading “The Sheep Mindset and Gaming Conventions”