Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Becomes Amazon’s Best Seller

  Even though the game was only released a few days ago, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has gone on to be Amazon’s top best seller of this annual year. The game received a mass of incredibly positive feedback from critics and reviewers alike, so it may not come as a surprise to fans that theContinue reading “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Becomes Amazon’s Best Seller”

Is Bayonetta Unbeatable in Smash?

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U have come with an influx of downloadable content in the form of characters as well as stages. As such, these late additions into the game change the surprisingly deep metagame. However, the latest and arguably most notable addition to the Super Smash Bros. pantheon of video game icons isContinue reading “Is Bayonetta Unbeatable in Smash?”

How Pokken Invites Non-Arcade Fighters to the Party

I’ve been playing Pokken Tournament since its arcade testing days. From the very first time I played it, I knew that the game was unique, holding both features that make it familiar as an arcade fighting game, while introducing new ideas that simplify traditional mechanics in order to invite non-arcade players. While I’ve noticed that even a small skill gapContinue reading “How Pokken Invites Non-Arcade Fighters to the Party”

Pokkén Tournament Preview (Wii U)

I’m not new to the world of Pokken. I’ve played the game during not one, but two testing phases. I sunk a hefty amount of change into the game during its Japanese arcade launch and came back for new fighters, even if the game’s been unpopular out here. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Nintendo’sContinue reading “Pokkén Tournament Preview (Wii U)”

Final Smash Bros DLC Dated

If you’re itching to get your hands on the latest Super Smash Bros. DLC, it seems that the wait may not last much longer. In a tweet from Nintendo of America, the release date for the upcoming expansion was confirmed for February 3. The update includes Bayonetta, the titular Umbra Witch from the Bayonetta franchise,Continue reading “Final Smash Bros DLC Dated”

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Making His Way to Smash!

This is certainly an announcement we didn’t expect to see coming. At the end of Nintendo’s big Direct, after flooding us with information, Nintendo had one last bang to bring us. We were looking for Smash news, and this was it. A big trailer… announcing a crossover between Square Enix’s Final Fantasy. And not just Final Fantasy, but FinalContinue reading “Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Making His Way to Smash!”