In-depth Interview with Snake Pass Creator Seb Liese

At GDC 2017, I sat down with Snake Pass creator Seb Liese to discuss the game, which just came out yesterday. Snake Pass was developed and published by Sumo Digital, and is available on Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Can you tell me a bit about your development process? How long did it take?Continue reading “In-depth Interview with Snake Pass Creator Seb Liese”

Snake Pass Review (PC)

Snake Pass came along at the perfect time in my life. This week, I’ve been ripping and tearing through my third playthrough of DOOM (2016) in an effort to find every single secret in the game. iD’s masterpiece is of course bombastic, barbaric, and most of all metal: Snake Pass is none of these things.Continue reading “Snake Pass Review (PC)”