Next Sonic Game Releasing in 2017

A new Sonic game has been confirmed to be coming out next year by the head of the Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka. The Sonic Team had already announced that another game was in development, but it wasn’t known how far away it was until now. No specific release date was given, only that it will be comingContinue reading “Next Sonic Game Releasing in 2017”

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter Throws Shade at Mighty No. 9

Man, Sonic the Hedgehog’s got a mighty fine Twitter manager. It’s no secret to anyone in the gaming industry that Mighty No. 9 is just a train wreck of problems, delays, and missed promises at this point, with some of its platforms facing delays on release day itself. The ambitious project, which took home aContinue reading “Sonic the Hedgehog’s Twitter Throws Shade at Mighty No. 9”

New Sonic Announcement at SXSW

News about Sonic has been relatively quiet, but that’s all scheduled to change at the South x Southwest (SXSW) convention on March 19. The information comes straight from the SXSW website, which proclaims that while it may not be a new game announcement, it’s something big to celebrate 25 years of the series. With mindsContinue reading “New Sonic Announcement at SXSW”

Full Steam Ahead for Sonic Lost World

SEGA’s international branches have confirmed that the upcoming PC port of Sonic Lost World will not be the only SEGA title making the transition to the PC market. John Clark, VP of Commercial Publishing for Sega Europe, stated that Sonic Lost World is “the latest in a string of high quality PC ports of pastContinue reading “Full Steam Ahead for Sonic Lost World”