March PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Features Only 2 Games

The March 2019 PlayStation Plus games lineup has been revealed in a post on the US PlayStation Blog. There will also be some changes to PlayStation Plus this month. Starting in March, PlayStation Plus will no longer include PS3 and PS Vita games. Going forward, PlayStation Plus will only feature two PlayStation 4 titles inContinue reading “March PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup Features Only 2 Games”

Days Gone Has Officially Been Delayed

Yes, it’s official – Days Gone has been delayed by Sony. The hyped up exclusive will not be released as soon as fans originally thought – and Sony has revealed that the rescheduling is due to their intensive line-up of upcoming titles. The game publisher officially provided updates for various titles in development in anContinue reading “Days Gone Has Officially Been Delayed”

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC Coming in November

Previously announced at this year’s E3 expo, The Frozen Wilds expansion for the wildly successful Sony exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn has been given a release date. Players eager to see the next chapter in Aloy’s story can download and play The Frozen Wilds as soon as November 7th. As an added bonus, “there’s an exclusiveContinue reading “Horizon: Zero Dawn’s DLC Coming in November”

Horizon Zero Dawn – Story Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn, the game featuring robotic dinosaurs in a post-apocalyptic world, received a new trailer today highlighting elements of the game’s story. The game follows Aloy, a huntress who survived the slaughter of many members of her tribe. She is then tasked with tracking down masked villains who have been reviving old and decayedContinue reading “Horizon Zero Dawn – Story Trailer”

Sony ForwardWorks to Spearhead Shift to Mobile Market

In yet another shift towards the mobile market, Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment) has announced the formation of a new development division. This new branch of Sony has been named ‘ForwardWorks Corporation,’ and is set to commence activity on April 1. The direct goal of ForwardWorks is to bring established PlayStation characters andContinue reading “Sony ForwardWorks to Spearhead Shift to Mobile Market”