Ghost of Tsushima’s New Trailer Shows Beauty and Violence

After a brief musical performance, Sony unveiled a new gameplay trailer for¬†Ghost of Tsushima¬†at their press conference during E3. Taking place in a beautiful valley called the Otsuna Grasslands, we see our protagonist, Jin, watch from a distance as a nearby village burns. Mounting his horse, he rides towards the town, only to encounter enemiesContinue reading “Ghost of Tsushima’s New Trailer Shows Beauty and Violence”

Sony Showcases Detroit Become Human

The upcoming cyberpunk inspired game coming from Quantic Dream, Detroit Become Human, received some much deserved love at this year’s Sony E3 Press conference. The trailer (seen above) highlights several different aspects of gameplay as well as the story. Similar to previous Quantic Dream games, Detroit Become Human features a story that evolves based onContinue reading “Sony Showcases Detroit Become Human”