Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup

In a very last minute change, Sony has changed the free games offering for Playstation Plus subscribers from the previously announced lineup. Initially, Sony was all set to offer two games for the July 2019 offering the games that were originally set to be free for users were Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Turbo Chase. Without any priorContinue reading “Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup”

Sony Delivers With Second State of Play

Sony recently released the next video in their short announcement series, State of Play, and they definitely delivered on a few things that fans have been looking forward to. To kick off the short announcement video we saw an extended look into the next expansion for Monster Hunter World titled Iceborne. In Iceborne, players willContinue reading “Sony Delivers With Second State of Play”

How Dialogue Between Kratos and Atreus Gave Us a Great Story

God of War has had a long history of being one of gaming’s bloodiest, goriest games that were not an outright horror game. Starting as a PlayStation 2 franchise back in 2005, each sequel in the franchise has evolved to tell more of a mythological story as Kratos exacted his revenge on the Gods. From slicingContinue reading “How Dialogue Between Kratos and Atreus Gave Us a Great Story”

Playstation Name Changes Finally Available

  In what has been a long requested feature by PlayStation fans since the launch of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, Sony has finally given gamers the ability to change their on-screen names. The topic of changing your account name has been a highly controversial subject among gamers because those who play their gamesContinue reading “Playstation Name Changes Finally Available”

RUMOR: Days Gone May Be Delayed Even Further

Back in October, it was officially announced that the PS4 exclusive Days Gone had been delayed for a release two months later than originally planned. Apparently Sony feels they needed to prolong the debut of the game to help the studio transfer out of a busy period after numerous big releases. They also claimed thatContinue reading “RUMOR: Days Gone May Be Delayed Even Further”

Playstation Classic Games Lineup Revealed

Playstation has announced they will be releasing a Playstation Classic (PS1), which comes with 20 games pre-loaded on it, ranging from classics to some lesser known titles. There was some speculation as to which games would be arriving with this “new” console, but speculate no more because Playstation has officially revealed the full lineup ofContinue reading “Playstation Classic Games Lineup Revealed”

Google Possibly Working On a New Gaming Console

For a while now, the console wars have chiefly involved Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. With the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X battling it out now in the 4K arena, it’s only a matter of time before we learn what comes next for each console. Now it seems someone else might be joining theContinue reading “Google Possibly Working On a New Gaming Console”

GPS Episode 65: E3 2018 Part Two: Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo

GPS is available on all podcast services including Stitcher, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, and all RSS feed.   Episode 65 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Pros Show (GPS), is now live! In our special E3 2018 podcast part two, we’re talking all about Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo. There’s nothing quite like the E3 press conferences, which weContinue reading “GPS Episode 65: E3 2018 Part Two: Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo”

Remedy & 505 Games Reveal New Game, Control

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment revealed their new game Control during Sony’s E3 press conference. Published by 505 Games, the trailer showed female protagonist Jesse Faden wielding a shape-shifting gun. Also breathe taking was the mind-bending environments players will find themselves exploring. It seems Jesse will be able to manipulate both time and space while shooting herContinue reading “Remedy & 505 Games Reveal New Game, Control”

Spiderman webslings himself into Game of Show status.

Growing up like any normal kid I was obsessed with superheroes, my Saturday morning routine consisted of sitting in front of a television watching my favorite wall crawler sling himself around New York City. In a flash the blur of a red and blue crusader would jump from rooftops and outsmart his foes, all theContinue reading “Spiderman webslings himself into Game of Show status.”

New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer shows off Pirates of the Caribbean world!

Kingdom Hearts 3 appeared at Sony E3 presentation out of nowhere, and what was most surprising with a brand new trailer showing off new world! Pirates of the Caribbean is upon us and it never looked better. Character’s look life-like and the water is at Sea of Thieves level of good. What’s best is that the trailer showsContinue reading “New Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer shows off Pirates of the Caribbean world!”