Star Trek Online Review (Xbox One)

Star Trek Online for the Xbox One is a console port of the popular science fictions series’ PC massively multiplayer online game. The original Star Trek Online launched in February of 2010. Since that time, it has seen many ‘seasons’ and numerous updates, and holds a mostly positive overall rating on Steam. Having played Star Trek Online previouslyContinue reading “Star Trek Online Review (Xbox One)”

Stellaris Now Available for Pre-purchase

Paradox Interactive’s new space exploration game, Stellaris, has been put up for pre-purchase on Steam. There are several versions of Stellaris that can be bought: The Standard Edition ($39.99) includes mobile ringtones, a forum avatar, and a “Send your name into space” ticket. This ticket is all about your name being put into an USB-drive andContinue reading “Stellaris Now Available for Pre-purchase”

No Man’s Sky Pre-Orders Available

No Man’s Sky is now available for pre-order! The title is a typical $60 release and even has a $150 “Explorer’s Edition” which is limited to 10,000 copies. It includes a ship replica, a traveler’s pin, and a diorama display backdrop. Included in the list as well is a mystery item which is apparently of a $10 value.Continue reading “No Man’s Sky Pre-Orders Available”

Hands-On: Rebel Galaxy Preview

This wasn’t even that high on my anticipation list. However, the moment I fired up Double Damage’s Rebel Galaxy, the mood becomes overwhelming. In my mind, I’m a young Han Solo going out on my first adventure. Junk ship, junk parts, shady contacts, hard nosed mercenaries, and barely enough credits from legit work means I’m constantly temptedContinue reading “Hands-On: Rebel Galaxy Preview”