Anakin Skywalker’s Abilities Revealed

Anakin Skywalker is being added into Star Wars Battlefront 2 on February 27. As such, EA and DICE have dropped a new Community Transmission discussing the Chosen One, where they broke down all of his abilities and star cards. It has been stated that Anakin will be the most powerful light side Hero when itContinue reading “Anakin Skywalker’s Abilities Revealed”

Battlefront 2’s New Clone Trooper Customization

EA and DICE have released a new Community Transmission going over the revamped Clone Trooper customization system, which will release alongside the Chosen One update on February 27. For those who didn’t know, this update will bring Anakin Skywalker to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Along with Anakin, comes the 501st Battalion and a revamped version ofContinue reading “Battlefront 2’s New Clone Trooper Customization”

1 Minute Rant – Do We Really Need Another Article on The Truth About Microtransactions?

Of course we do. A million times yes. There are probably already thousands of other articles out there on the internet, but we cannot let our outrage at what’s happening to the industry fade out. So in this episode of our 1 Minute Rant series (video above), I express concerns, in rather strong terms, aboutContinue reading “1 Minute Rant – Do We Really Need Another Article on The Truth About Microtransactions?”