Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset Review

If you’re in the market for a solid gaming headset at a reasonable price, the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a fantastic option for both single player and online multiplayer. For the past month, I have been exclusively using this headset for all of my time spent on the Xbox One and, for a hundredContinue reading “Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Headset Review”

Making a Good Tie-In/Franchise Game: The Rules

Living in the age of mass markets and huge entertainment franchises, it seems a while since there was a decent game released that actually respected the source material and the license the studio managed to get it’s hands on. With the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront II, EA’s second attempt to generate a successfulContinue reading “Making a Good Tie-In/Franchise Game: The Rules”

Hands on with Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer

Most of the Star Wars Battlefront II talk has been focused on the single player campaign and the story of Imperial Commander Iden Versio. One of the most significant complaints with EA and DICE’s first Battlefront in 2015 was shallow gameplay, lack of content, and no story. Even the multiplayer battles lost their charm and began toContinue reading “Hands on with Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer”

Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Has a Release Window

The release window for the next Star Wars Battlefront has been officially announced, with EA having plans for holiday 2017. EA shed some light on the upcoming game during its third-quarter earning call with investors. The next installment of Battlefront will feature more characters and locations, as well as take place across multiple eras inContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Sequel Has a Release Window”

Final Star Wars Battlefront DLC Announced

During the 2016 Star Wars Celebration, EA and DICE announced the next two downloadable content packs coming to Star Wars Battlefront. The first pack highlights the iconic battle to destroy the Death Star. In the teaser trailer (seen below), a battle is being waged around several Star Destroyers making their way towards the largest weaponContinue reading “Final Star Wars Battlefront DLC Announced”

Why EA’s Battlefront lacks campaign.

Star Wars Battlefront was released in the middle of November, only a couple weeks before the newest Star Wars movie. Fans and critics alike wonder if this was coincidence or a cleaver marketing move. Did EA’s Battlefront sacrifice content for a convenient release date? Well last night Patrick Soderlund, big boss at EA Studios explainedContinue reading “Why EA’s Battlefront lacks campaign.”

Star Wars Battlefront Sold 12 Million Copies, Unfortunately

It seems that the Star Wars brand name alone is enough to bring even the most mediocre of things to insane popularity. Despite the sheer mediocrity of the title in question, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront has sold a ludicrous amount of copies within the past two months, with this article from Fortune putting the total number of games soldContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Sold 12 Million Copies, Unfortunately”

Star Wars Battlefront will not Feature any DLC Content from ‘The Force Awakens’

As we all know, Star Wars Battlefront offered a controversial $50 season pass at launch, on top of its $60 retail price.  However, the future of the game is still largely a mystery.  It has been confirmed that the first DLC season pass will include more than 20 pieces of armor and/or weapons, four new playableContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront will not Feature any DLC Content from ‘The Force Awakens’”

Star Wars Battlefront Should Have Been Released After ‘The Force Awakens’

This weekend, the highly anticipated seventh installment in the Star Wars saga has been released by director J.J. Abrams and the folks at Disney and Lucasfilm. EA had the marvelous idea of releasing the newest Star Wars Battlefront game right before The Force Awakens came out (and coincidentally, right before the holidays), but was this a wise decision? What weContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Should Have Been Released After ‘The Force Awakens’”

Review — Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)

Star Wars Battlefront is the shooter with unbelievably high levels of expectations. The game was revealed a ways back and amazed many with its near-lifelike visuals, amazing scenery, and nostalgic sounds of the Star Wars universe. E3 came along this year and allowed video gaming journalists a chance to demo the shooter in anticipation for itsContinue reading “Review — Star Wars Battlefront (PS4)”

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta — Impressions

Star Wars: Battlefront, developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, is one of the most highly anticipated games for this upcoming holiday season. This past week, EA hosted a public beta which allowed everyone to preview the game for themselves and we here at Gamer Professionals had the chance to try the game outContinue reading “Star Wars: Battlefront Beta — Impressions”

Star Wars Battlefront to have Dedicated Servers

EA has confirmed that the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront will feature dedicated servers. While at the Tokyo Game Show, senior producer Jamie Keen stated that while the game will not feature a server browser, the game will have dedicated servers in order to give players the best online experience possible. “We’ll still have dedicated servers. Absolutely. It’sContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront to have Dedicated Servers”