User Buys Blizzard Merchandise, Gets Starcraft Source Code

According to a Reddit post that surfaced April 1, Reddit user Khemist49 had purchased a Blizzard merchandise box on eBay, and he discovered a relatively rare gem within it. Coupled with Blizzard merchandise, he found a disk that was clearly property of Blizzard Entertainment, that contained the source code for the original Starcraft. Khemist49 loadedContinue reading “User Buys Blizzard Merchandise, Gets Starcraft Source Code”

StarCraft Remastered is Coming this Summer

Blizzard has announced that they will be remastering their legendary real-time strategy game, StarCraft. It will feature a complete graphical overhaul with 4K Ultra HD, enhanced audio and matchmaking support. Content-wise, the remastered version will feature everything that was available in the original StarCraft, as well as its expansion, Brood War. New illustrations will beContinue reading “StarCraft Remastered is Coming this Summer”

What’s Going On With Real-Time Strategy?

Ah yes, the time honored real-time strategy. At one point in its history, it was the flagship genre for the PC gamer, seeing a golden age not even fifteen or so years ago. But is the genre recovering from a debilitating slump? Just what is the current state of the real-time strategy? Over the last fiveContinue reading “What’s Going On With Real-Time Strategy?”