Miitomo Marks a Strong Start for Nintendo

Nintendo made their first foray into the mobile market last month, with the release of Miitomo, a very Nintendo-esque take on social media. Although it has only been around for a short time, Miitomo has managed to rack up 4 million active users, with micro-transactions racking up an average of US$280,000 a week. Miitomo isContinue reading “Miitomo Marks a Strong Start for Nintendo”

DotA 2 Sees Significant Player Decline

DotA 2, Valveā€™s popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game, recently saw a significant decline in the player user base following the major Reborn update. The update rolled out last month with the express intention of creating a more varied, accessible game. Among the changes were a new interface, community-created game modes, and most significantly, aContinue reading “DotA 2 Sees Significant Player Decline”