Steamworld Heist Sells Better Than Predecessor

Nintendo 3DS fans received a great surprise around December, when Steamworld Heist released on the eShop. The game, which received rave reviews from both users, critics, and myself, is doing great. According to developer Image and Form, through a blog communication from their website, sales went through the roof and exceeded expectations. “So far SteamWorld Heist is an evenContinue reading “Steamworld Heist Sells Better Than Predecessor”

Steamworld Heist North American 3DS Code Giveaway!

Hey guys! Steamworld Heist is officially out, and to rave reviews! To celebrate, we’ve a code to give out, and it’s for a North American 3DS! After giving it a great review  we’ve now got a special treat for you all! Here’s the way to enter, and the usual fact splurge below! Deadline: 12/20/15 (December 20th,Continue reading “Steamworld Heist North American 3DS Code Giveaway!”

Review – Steamworld Heist (3DS)

Steamworld Heist: a turn-based shooting RPG featuring a fractured Earth overrun by steam-powered robots. A title that was born out of a man’s love for chess. Let’s go back to a warm, mid-summer’s Wednesday in June, and to an early morning meeting at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This meeting, quite frankly, changed my world andContinue reading “Review – Steamworld Heist (3DS)”

Steamworld Heist Releases December 10th for Nintendo 3DS

As December finally approaches, and as I bemoan my upcoming exams and deadlines, there’s definitely some solace in knowing that Image and Form’s Steamworld Heist is approaching. Earlier today, CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson announced via an email that the game would be released to the Nintendo 3DS on December 10th, at 14:00 UTC to the Americas, Europe, Australia andContinue reading “Steamworld Heist Releases December 10th for Nintendo 3DS”

Steamworld Heist Trailer – December Release!

Steamworld Heist is coming, and it’s coming soon! The title was featured in the Nintendo Direct, with an exclusive new 3DS theme for players who purchase Steamworld Heist, for a limited time. A new trailer was provided, straight from Image and Form themselves. The title arrives on the Nintendo 3DS first later this year, withContinue reading “Steamworld Heist Trailer – December Release!”

The Gaming Community Is Its Worst Enemy

Video gaming communities are among some of the most passionate of fan bases. They are also some of the most vicious communities out there as well. Gaming communities can make waves and can visibly influence the effects on the way a game was meant to be developed. This is shameful because video games are a form of artContinue reading “The Gaming Community Is Its Worst Enemy”