Review: Stellaris’ Leviathans DLC

After five months of release and numerous free content updates, Stellaris has released its first non-cosmetic DLC: Leviathans. This new ‘story pack’ adds a variety of features to Stellaris’ mid/late game and can be purchased on Steam or from Paradox’s website for $10 USD. The biggest new addition comes in the form of the Leviathans. These massive,Continue reading “Review: Stellaris’ Leviathans DLC”

4X Games To Look Out For In 2017

The genre of 4X games has benefited greatly in the past few years due to the advancement of technology. This has allowed developers to create massive galaxies to explore and conquer, huge space battles and truly massive tech trees. Such features ensure hundreds of hours can be spent on one playthrough. The success of Paradox Interactive’sContinue reading “4X Games To Look Out For In 2017”

Stellaris’ First Species Pack News, First Ebook Release

Intelligent plants are coming to take over your galaxy in Stellaris’ first species pack. The critically acclaimed science fiction grand strategy game has seen terrific success, and Paradox Interactive’s fastest selling game in the company’s history. Paradox is still adding content to this game in every patch, attempting to improve the mid game format that facedContinue reading “Stellaris’ First Species Pack News, First Ebook Release”

Stellaris Receives Major Update, “Asimov”

With the appropriately titled “Asimov” update, Paradox has added a variety of free features to their sci-fi epic, Stellaris. Asimov focuses on improving Stellaris‘ mid-game, which was heavily criticized in the original reviews. Diplomatic events will spice up (or spice down) relationships between you and fellow space faring civilizations. In another major gameplay tweak, foreign borderContinue reading “Stellaris Receives Major Update, “Asimov””

The Beauty of Stellaris’ Ethics System

Stellaris is a 4x game developed by Paradox Interactive, the creators of Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4. Explore the galaxy as a race of your own creation as you manage a vast space empire. From a design standpoint, Stellaris’ race customization system is impressive. In the creation screen, you are given dozens ofContinue reading “The Beauty of Stellaris’ Ethics System”

Stellaris Now Available for Pre-purchase

Paradox Interactive’s new space exploration game, Stellaris, has been put up for pre-purchase on Steam. There are several versions of Stellaris that can be bought: The Standard Edition ($39.99) includes mobile ringtones, a forum avatar, and a “Send your name into space” ticket. This ticket is all about your name being put into an USB-drive andContinue reading “Stellaris Now Available for Pre-purchase”

Stellaris Alliances and Federations

Anyone who has taken to following Paradox Interactive has probably heard of a new game they are working on that is quite a change from what they typically work on. Stellaris is the first space-themed game Paradox Development Studios will be delivering to us. In today’s developer diary, they have released information on a new systemContinue reading “Stellaris Alliances and Federations”