Warner Bros. Paid YouTubers for Positive Reviews

It was recently revealed that Warner Bros. paid YouTube personalities to promote their games in a positive light. Among those paid was the very prominent and influential PewDiePie, who has over 46 million subscribers and holds a net worth of $12,000,000. The Federal Trade Commission revealed, “Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Inc. has settled Federal TradeContinue reading “Warner Bros. Paid YouTubers for Positive Reviews”

Persona 5 Live Stream Set for May 5

It seems we’re on the cusp of some major Persona 5 news, with Atlus announcing a live stream for May 5. The live stream will coincide with the conclusion of the countdown that is currently taking place on the official website. No specific information has revealed as to the contents of the broadcast, but aContinue reading “Persona 5 Live Stream Set for May 5”

Pokémon Direct Reveals Pokémon Sun and Moon Coming Holiday 2016

The Pokémon Direct stream has come and gone incredible quickly, but it has left us with some incredibly exciting news. As trademark leaks suggested, 2016 will mark the launch of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. This new generation of Pokémon titles will launch worldwide at an unspecified point, later this year. Sun and Moon will support nine languages, withContinue reading “Pokémon Direct Reveals Pokémon Sun and Moon Coming Holiday 2016”

Pokémon Nintendo Direct Stream Announced

A new Nintendo Direct stream is inbound, this time with a focus on the Pokémon franchise. The stream is set to take place at 7am PT on Friday February 26, with a five minute duration, though the specific subject is matter yet to be revealed. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, and althoughContinue reading “Pokémon Nintendo Direct Stream Announced”

Nintendo Direct Scheduled for November 12

Nintendo has announced their latest Nintendo Direct stream, scheduled to take place on November 12 at 2pm PT. The steam is set to focus on upcoming Wii U and 3DS titles, with no specific details known at this point. Nintendo has specifically stated that there will be no mention of their upcoming NX system orContinue reading “Nintendo Direct Scheduled for November 12”

Monster Hunter Cross Stream Reveals Demo, New Details

To celebrate the upcoming Monster Hunter Cross going gold, CAPCOM has held a special news stream for the much anticipated title. With the release only three weeks away, the biggest reveal of the stream was a playable demo, to be distributed via the Nintendo eShop on the 19th of November. This was accompanied by theContinue reading “Monster Hunter Cross Stream Reveals Demo, New Details”

Far Cry Set to Go Primal

Gaming news hub IGN has let a reveal for the latest Far Cry title slip. Through a since-withdrawn Twitter post, IGN announced that Far Cry Primal will be the next addition to Ubisoft’s franchise. As the title would suggest, Primal is set to take the Far Cry series to a prehistoric timeline, a significant departureContinue reading “Far Cry Set to Go Primal”

Super Mario Maker Stream to be Hosted on Twitch

If you’re itching to get stuck into the upcoming Super Mario Maker, Nintendo has something that just might scratch that itch. Nintendo of America will be hosting a dedicated Super Mario Maker stream over at Twitch.tv. The stream promises a “level design workshop” and a degree of fan interaction. The stream was announced via Twitter,Continue reading “Super Mario Maker Stream to be Hosted on Twitch”