Street Fighter V Reveals Ed as a New DLC Character

Capcom has officially revealed that their next DLC character will be Ed. He will join Street Fighter V’s roster for season 2, though a specific date has yet to be announced. In their official announcement, Capcom has stated that Ed and all previously released characters will be playable for beta participants, which runs from MayContinue reading “Street Fighter V Reveals Ed as a New DLC Character”

Capcom Pro Tour Red Bull Battlegrounds Pre Qualifiers

The Capcom Pro Tour 2016 at the Red Bull Battlegrounds in Seattle Washington is in progress, with the top competitors duking it out today, catch it live at the official Twitch channel. I was sent to the event by Gamer Professionals and we thank the staff for this opportunity. Once I arrived on Saturday IContinue reading “Capcom Pro Tour Red Bull Battlegrounds Pre Qualifiers”

Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals 2016

The Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V is holding it’s North American Regional Finals at the Red Bull Battle Grounds in Seattle, Washington this weekend. The results of this tournament will reward the top player a spot in the Capcom Pro Tour World Finals this December. This event will feature a meet and greetContinue reading “Capcom Pro Tour NA Regional Finals 2016”

EVO 2016: A First Time Smash Wii U Competitor’s Perspective

This past weekend saw the largest fighting game tournament, EVO 2016, take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This highly prestigious competition, featuring nine different fighting games including Street Fighter V, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Super Smash Bros., spanned the course of three days. Days One and Two took place at the gargantuan Las VegasContinue reading “EVO 2016: A First Time Smash Wii U Competitor’s Perspective”

Guile to Somersault into Street Fighter V

Another update is inbound for Street Fighter V, complete with a new character, stage and a slew of gameplay tweaks and balances. The focus this time around is the fan-favorite Guile, who will be making his first appearance in Street Fighter V. He retains his renowned Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick abilities, allowing for aContinue reading “Guile to Somersault into Street Fighter V”

Street Fighter V Post-Launch Character Alex Released

Earlier today, Street Fighter brought out a new fighter, one of the fighters promised to be released after the game had launched earlier this year. That new fighter is Alex. Alex made his debut back in 1997 as a fan favorite for Street Fighter III, and has now made his way back to PC and PS4Continue reading “Street Fighter V Post-Launch Character Alex Released”

Street Fighter V Update Introduces Alex

The first major update for Street Fighter V is on the way, and new details courtesy of the official CAPCOM blog have shed some light on the included content. First and foremost is the inclusion of Alex as a playable character. From his debut in Street Fighter III, Alex has proven to be a popular,Continue reading “Street Fighter V Update Introduces Alex”

Street Fighter V Game Modes Detailed

In a demonstration at the Taipei Game Show, CAPCOM unveiled a brand new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter V. This new trailer focuses on the available game modes, giving a brief description of the six options available at launch. Alongside the previously detailed character story mode and online play, Street Fighter V also includesContinue reading “Street Fighter V Game Modes Detailed”

EVO 2016 Reveals its Nine Main Competition Games

The Evolution Championship Series returns in 2016 and organizers of the event have revealed the nine games that will be featured in the main competition. The list includes two new additions and one returning game. The lineup was revealed on Tuesday’s special announcement Twitch stream. Details as to why they were chosen were discussed byContinue reading “EVO 2016 Reveals its Nine Main Competition Games”

Street Fighter V Gears Up for Launch

At long last, CAPCOM has revealed the launch window for the much anticipated Street Fighter V, as well as detailing some post-launch plans. The title will launch in both North America and Europe on February 16 next year, for both PS4 and PC. In a simultaneous announcement, CAPCOM confirmed Dhalsim as another of the 16Continue reading “Street Fighter V Gears Up for Launch”

Street Fighter V NA Stress Test Is Live Now

After Street Fighter V’s first planned beta was made nearly unplayable by a myriad of server issues, Capcom decided to postpone the event until they were able to iron out the underlying problems. Capcom is currently opening the servers (to players that preordered the game) from 4 P.M. PST until 12 A.M. PST. While thisContinue reading “Street Fighter V NA Stress Test Is Live Now”