Fans of the slow-mo, matrix-style indie hit SUPERHOT will be excited this week as the trailer for a new standalone expansion, SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE appeared on the game’s YouTube channel and now has its own steam page. The expansion promises to be ‘a rogue-like twist on the original SUPERHOT’, in which ‘ The game will forceContinue reading “SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE Trailer Revealed”

Here’s What We Learnt About PlayStation VR Games During Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony has really been pushing PlayStation VR recently, and its E3 conference is no exception to this. First off, the unique first person shooter, Superhot is coming to PlayStation VR. This game is perfect for VR and will be a nice addition to PlayStations library in general. A new game that was revealed for VRContinue reading “Here’s What We Learnt About PlayStation VR Games During Sony’s E3 Conference”

Superhot Announced for Oculus Touch

Superhot is coming to the Oculus VR platform. It has integration with Oculus Touch, allowing it to detect every movement your hands make. Superhot is a first person shooter where time only moves when your character moves. In VR, you can look around and see the position of all the bullets around you in order toContinue reading “Superhot Announced for Oculus Touch”