Tales of Berseria Review (PlayStation 4)

The Tales series has been around since the infancy of the JRPG genre. These games defined many standards in the JRPG tier and broke the norm of the genre in several different way. They built a fanbase that expected a certain quality out of their games. In my opinion, during the last few years thatContinue reading “Tales of Berseria Review (PlayStation 4)”

Tales of Berseria Launch Trailer

The next entry in the long-running Japanese Tales of series released today side-by-side with the game’s launch trailer. Tales of Berseria hosts the return of the battle system and art style which fans of the series have grown fond of. Deep RPG elements including character customization, intriguing side-quests, and conflict driven narrative are all paidContinue reading “Tales of Berseria Launch Trailer”

Bandai Namco Bringing Five Games to North America on Playstation Platforms

Bandai Namco announced on Playstation Blog that they are bringing five titles over to North America on top of what they had already announced at the Playstation Experience event. Four titles are for the Playstation 4, while one is for the Playstation Vita. Bandai Namco is releasing Tales of Berseria, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, God Eater: Resurrection, and GodContinue reading “Bandai Namco Bringing Five Games to North America on Playstation Platforms”