AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card Revealed

Recently, NVIDIA announced a new generation of graphics cards which would not only have performance beyond the capabilities of current hardware, but also a significantly reduced price point. Now there is some competition from AMD, with the reveal of the company’s next-gen Radeon graphics card. The new AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card is setContinue reading “AMD Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card Revealed”

New NVIDIA GTX Graphics Cards Announced

NVIDIA has announced their next generation of graphic cards, which are set to stand leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generations. The cards are based on the new Pascal architecture, which will deliver a major advantage in not only performance, but also power efficiency. Compared to the superseded 28-nanometer Maxwell architecture of the previousContinue reading “New NVIDIA GTX Graphics Cards Announced”

New MSI GT72S Laptop Utilizes Enhanced Eye-Tracking Capabilities

Complete information for MSI’s next flagship laptop, the GT72S G Tobii, has been released. In addition to the impressive specifications, the laptop comes with Tobii’s eye-tracking sensor technology. There are additional sensors which track your eye movement, and translate that movement into commands for compatible apps and games. Three near-IR illuminators are situated below the laptop’sContinue reading “New MSI GT72S Laptop Utilizes Enhanced Eye-Tracking Capabilities”

Windows 10 Upgrade Now Considered Recommended

The free Windows 10 upgrade has been changed from an optional upgrade to a recommended upgrade. The upgrade could automatically start installing itself when Windows Update next runs. In a blog post in October last year, it was announced “Early next year, we expect to be re-categorizing Windows 10 as a “Recommended Update.” The automaticContinue reading “Windows 10 Upgrade Now Considered Recommended”

Smartwatch You Build With Modular Functionality

The smartwatch company, BLOCKS, does not want to compromise on features so they have created a modular smartwatch. You start with the Core, which is a fully functional smartwatch by itself, then add Modules to the strap to enhance functionality. The Modules become links in the strap and can include heart rate monitors, GPS tracking modules andContinue reading “Smartwatch You Build With Modular Functionality”

Row-bot Robot Cleans Polluted Water

Researchers at Bristol University in the UK recently unveiled the Row-Bot, a small robot with the ability to clean pollution in water. The small robot floats on water and generates electricity by collecting microbes and consuming them in a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC), which is similar to a digestive system. The power generated is enough to power two paddles,Continue reading “Row-bot Robot Cleans Polluted Water”

YouTube Makes First Foray Into Subscription Models

Google has announced a subscription-based model for its YouTube service, dubbed YouTube Red. The service promises original, exclusive content by recognized YouTube stars including PewDiePie and Rooster Teeth among others. It also offers the ability to download and watch content offline, as well as access to YouTube Gaming and a new YouTube Music app. AllContinue reading “YouTube Makes First Foray Into Subscription Models”

Boeing Unveils New Anti-Drone Laser

If you are the kind of person who enjoys lasers, Boeing has some thoroughly exciting news for you. A newly developed laser cannon was unveiled at a test session in New Mexico this week, designed as an anti-drone measure. The Compact Laser Weapon System lacks the more flashy, science-fiction-esque characteristics that we all know andContinue reading “Boeing Unveils New Anti-Drone Laser”