GPS: Episode 29: Metroid: Samus Returns, Destiny 2, Dishonored, and More

Episode 29 of our gaming podcast, The Gamer Professionals Show (GPS) is now live! Join us as we gush about Destiny 2 a bit more and talk about the new games we are playing. There’s a lot of news coming out of Tokyo Game Show including a new game from Square Enix called Left Alive, a remasterContinue reading “GPS: Episode 29: Metroid: Samus Returns, Destiny 2, Dishonored, and More”

Digimon World: Next Order Getting a Western Release

The latest Digimon game by Bandai Namco, Digimon World: Next Order, has been confirmed to get a western release, both in the Americas and Europe. The game will have options for English and Japanese voice-overs, along with different subtitle options. The game will be available on PS4 exclusively, both digitally and physically. Digimon World: Next Order will beContinue reading “Digimon World: Next Order Getting a Western Release”

Sony’s 2016 Tokyo Game Show Conference Abridged

Over the waters in the land of the rising sun, Sony kicked off the Tokyo Game Show with a press conference. Just days after quite a mixed reception from the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim reveal, Sony take to the stage to talk games, with a Japan-centric twist. Below is an abridged list of theContinue reading “Sony’s 2016 Tokyo Game Show Conference Abridged”

The Hype Fallacy

With the Tokyo Game Show recently wrapping up, it has become clear to me just how important the concept of ‘hype’ or anticipation is to the gaming industry. We saw a wide variety of trailers and information paraded out in front of the media and consumers with the sole intention of drumming up some much-neededContinue reading “The Hype Fallacy”

CAPCOM Unveils New Monster Hunter X Trailer

Following up on their promise of more Monster Hunter X information at TGS, CAPCOM has released a new trailer highlighting a range of new and returning gameplay features. The biggest addition this time around is the option to play as a Palico, the feline companions that have been a mainstay of the series, this timeContinue reading “CAPCOM Unveils New Monster Hunter X Trailer”

TGS Trailer Roundup

There has been a big showing thus far at the Tokyo Game Show, so in the interest of efficiency, we’ve rounded up all of the trailers and big news in one place. In no particular order, here is the rundown: From Software has confirmed the release of Bloodborne DLC with The Old Hunters. The expansionContinue reading “TGS Trailer Roundup”

All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Game Show later this month, CAPCOM has been teasing fans with short snippets of gameplay for the upcoming anticipated title Monster Hunter X. Each day for the past week has seen CAPCOM upload demos for two of the 14 weapons, with the final release taking place today. If youContinue reading “All Aboard the Monster Hunter Cross Hype Train”